October 23, 2009

Dealing with Dead Bugs

This is just my own take on communitychannel's latest video blog on "Dealing with dead bugs".

Well pretty much there has been a dead cockroach on the side of the living room for a few days now. Like in the video, I don't like cleaning up dead bugs especially when I didn't kill it! Because I would have left it. My sister would have been grossed out and my brother would be creeped out, probably call me just to show me that he saw a cockroach (that fool). So I assume that my mum killed it and let it there, I'm pretty sure.

I hate killing bugs like that. I tend to cringe at the crunch made when you squish their shells and am instantly disgusted at the thought of its gooey insides infecting the two surfaces it happens to be wedged between at the point of contact.

Anyway, I hope that you people don't have dead insects lying around your place.

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