October 30, 2009


I found some four-leaf clovers whilst putting up the washing this morning. Okay let me rephrase, I saw clovers growing in the garden and spent a good 10 minutes squatting on the ground looking for four -leaf clovers, while the washing I was meant to be putting up was drying in the basket.

I found a total of five and because I'm strange I decided to scan and upload them in the hopes to share my lucky find. But of course I had to go into Photoshop and play around with it a bit. And after collective (I was going on  and off the computer for study and food) time of maybe 45 minutes (give or take about 10) I came up with this!
Well I do wish the rest of you who still have exams the best of luck for the HSC and for everyone for no reason at all, may you be lucky!



  1. scabbed the luck since id be needing it for chem... lol

  2. I used to get 3 leafed clovers and split one of the leaves and BAM a 4 leaf clover :D
    I bring my own set of luck :D And I'm kinda superstituous even tho I know theres no such thing. I did my english exam, and it went good, so I went into my maths exam and that also went good, and my fingernails were FRIGGIN long by then, and for SOME REASON, they became my "lucky nails" and i didnt cut them until i screwed up 3u lol. So i cut them as soon as i went home. They were too long anyway lol.