October 19, 2009

loverly art, marshmallows & old film cameras

I want an old film camera.

Not instant film, that's too expensive. But the normal film roll ones like our old family camera which is about the same size as the digital SLR I want. Oooh I should get a an old film slr camera. Although it might be a pain to take around if its as big bulky as new digital ones. I will have to shop around. I think this decision is partially influenced by the new Kodak store in Plumpton, seems so convenient to go develop photos there because it's so close.

I am really just sick of not having a camera around and my camera phone just wont cut it. And me recent fascination with the polaroid photoshop action has made me want to work with film. Not only that, developing these pictures will be fun. It's half the surprise seeing how the pictures turn out. Might teach me some stuff for when I get my SLR. Not like digital cameras where you can see exactly what you are taking a picture of and its so easy to edit and delete.

It will be cheaper too. Cheaper than replacing our broken digital camera. Although I will have to pay for film and to get it developed but I don't like how I have folders and folders of pictures on the computer that are just sitting there and I never really get a chance to look at. should invest in more photo frames for myself and blu-tack. I'm thinking of having a go at what Ben is doing with his Polariod Past project. [I thought of this on the spot and as a result of getting excited I started going on WAY too long so I thought I would cut it all and paste it into a new post for your reading convenience. Either that or I would need to change the title of this post!]

Well anyway MOVING ON. I seem to be working backwards in regards to my title because now I will be going on about marshmallows.

Did you know...

that when I was younger I was convinced that it was marshMELLOWS and not marshMALLOWS, I obviously did not read packaging. I did not realise that I have been wrong all my life till not that long ago (a few years). But moving on! I like marshmallows. they're sweet and squishy and oh so light. They taste good too. Out of the pack, in a mug of hot chocolate or my personal favourite, toasted over an open fire (bon fire, campfire, fireplace I don't care) especially when it's all crispy on the outside and all gooey on the inside. Could even go one step further and make smores, but thats adding other elements (i.e. chocolate and gram crackers).

I really like marshmallows but what I don't like are the random flavours they come in now-a-days. The traditional vanilla I love and strawberry too but when you add things like apricot and mocha it just isn't the same. And now to the point of all this marshmallow business, I came across a recipe via oh, hello friend for homemade, good old fashioned vanilla marshmallows. I really want to try this out some time. Probably for Christmas I can make them as little Christmas favours instead of the traditional candy cane. Well anyway the recipe looks very easy and apparently they taste quite good. Here is the link

And now for the last (or first?) item on the agenda:

Loverly art

I found some lovely art by a lovely artist yesterday. This artist goes by the name of Sarah Hankinson. Here is a bit about her from her site.
Melbourne Illustrator Sarah Hankinson creates feminine yet striking works which play off broken lines and occasional splashes of colour. After graduating from a diploma of Illustration in 2004 commissions have come from Kookai, Bonds and Impulse Body Spray whilst her work has appeared in publications including Urbis, Cleo, Chik, Computer Arts Project, STU, and Curve magazines.

Sarah’s illustration style is elegant, youthful, and strongly fashion orientated, many of her pieces focusing on the female form and made up from a variety of mediums including inks, charcoal, pencils, cut paper and fabrics.

Sarah has exhibited at ‘Chapel off Chapel’ and ‘Design A Space’ galleries in Prahran, Melbourne.
And Here is an example of her work.


note: I have probably written enough here to qualify for 3 separate post. Oh well..


  1. it was long lol
    but when im in uni
    im going to learn how to develop ma own film
    my brother said the spare room can be my red room. yay

  2. Heh glad to see you're on the bandwagon :P though as I said in my comment on the other post, yours will be far more epic since it will actually be on film. :D Best of luck with it Julie - photographers unite! Haha.

    Also, that woman's art is soooo coooool. Don't really know what else to say, I just know I love it heh.