April 25, 2011

too much solidworks

OMG.. I am spending WAY too much time on Solidworks.

I need to better divide my working time with my other subjects but with next weeks deadline I don't like it just sitting there when I am not even halfway done and NOT  happy with my work at the moment. DAMN YE DISSATISFACTION! Though I guess I do have it to thank for most of the work I've done that I have been extremely proud to call my own.

Anyhows, here is a screen shot of my work so far..

Colour scheme is not working right now as I don't have a defined palette. Spending time on colourlovers looking for contrasting colour schemes to use on my black and white chess sets. OR I can just find one I really like and invert the colours (if the inverted palette looks good). I think I am going for a cool/cold vs. warm/hot thing going. 

Still need to fix up the stupid ROOK. I kind of like it but I don't because I feel it doesn't tie in with the rest of the set well (though not having it rendered at all is just exaggerating the fact). I haven't even designed the board yet, I should do that before I go to bed, or at least have some ideas down on paper so I can play around on Solidworks with my ideas. 

Blah. Blah. CAD. Ramble. Ramble. UNI. Blah. Whine. Bleh...

Ah life..

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