April 21, 2010

I practically live on facebook. I swear I turn on the computer as soon as I get home and go on msn and log into facebook (okay I don't log in, I automatically log in so really just open up facebook in the browser). ANYWAY as I was saying, I feel quite no-life like for doing that. 

I really should have better things to do. Like Make stuff!! Draw! CLEAN MY ROOM! Or finish rearranging my room. I guess I use the excuse that all my music is on the computer so I sit her and listen as I surf away on the net. Speaking of which I am listening to Kimya Dawson at the moment.

I really should go and clean my room though and start making things again. Like a new pencil case. A folder for all my A3 uni stuff. Something out of green gingham fabric (which I have HEAPS of). OH I also have to make a birthday card for a friend who turned 18 yesterday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS!! We have known each other since we were tiny. But she is having a little party thing on Saturday which I shall be attending and helping set up according to my mother (we were family friends at first). But I shall head off to Glebe markets in the morning with my lovely friend Shuang, where I shall find something to give her which is uniquely Glebe because Glebe is just AWESOME!

I swear I haven't crafted for AGES! Almost two and a half months! That's intense stuff. I don't even remember how I used to do things. Like my style of crafting. I forgot, OH MY GOSH! And since Ive been exposed to all different types of design (design faculty - go figure). I blame uni! It's so much work but I don't hate it enough to procrastinate my work and to craft instead (something that happened to me quite a bit during school - what would you rather do? Craft? English essay? No competition). 

I miss crafting though. I still have unfinished things from Christmas which is just sitting in my room collecting dust. And I am so tired and sleepy after eating dinner. Just feel like sitting here and browse through blogs.. or sleep.

Well that's it.


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