April 1, 2010

lagging behind

I swear since I started getting busy with uni, the blogs I follow started posting more! Or am I going crazy?! It's a 50/50 chance. But it would seem I can NEVER keep up with all the new posts on my dashboard like I used to. I only look through a few posts a week but considering how many blogs a I follow which post almost daily I don't see how I can get through them all.

I really don't know how I DID used to get through ALL the new posts on my dashboard and still get bored. How my life has changed. But it's not all bad. I will save blog surfing for Easter and for my mid semester break when I am meant to be working on assessments, which are due upon our return to uni. FUN!

Yeah its late. And I never seem to remember things I say I will blog at the time I can make a post. Only times like now when I need to sleep do I remember. Convenience. NOT.

That's all I guess, how lame.


1 comment:

  1. i only just got into blogging and i had like....... my blog half a year ago!- LMAO

    yeah well we all have our addictions BD

    oh btw julie, do you know about this website?