April 28, 2010


I HATE when plans get canceled.

Especially ones that are the already postponed plans of another previous outing that didn’t work out.

I hate it more when its for some external reason e.g. my parents don’t want my 10-year-old sister to be home by herself for a few hours after school. Which in turn mean that I either have to cut my outing short (like REALLY short. Like the time I spend out is SHORTER than my traveling time!) or just cancel (canceling being the only realistic option). And I hate when my parents say to just cut my plans short like it makes no difference i.e.
“can you be home by 3?”
“we’re meeting up at 12..”
“so can you be home at 3?”
“well can you just go out another time?”
“…” (well the conversation goes something like that)
And they always insist on it being my fault that I don’t plan well with them. “That’s why you should plan better (and tell us)”. This is the second outing in a row that had to be changed because my sister can’t stay at home alone. At least last time the plans were saved by having my sister come along. That won’t work this time…
Now I don’t really have anything fun happening this week. Nothing that’s been properly planned out anyway.

I also how my mother was trying to bribe me out of being so disappointed by saying she will give me money for outings. Yes that is VERY helpful getting money for an outing that ISN'T happening anymore.

Yes I am ranting.

This is LAME.


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