January 17, 2011

So sorry blogger..

I wish I posted on here more but its difficult. I would need to have 4 or 5 tabs open when I'm on the net; Email, Facebook, Tumblr, Youtube, Twitter.. That's right, I'm connected.

Well this is meant to be my design blog (I should redecorate) to go along with my photoblog and my general tumblr which I spam with nothingness. And I guess I don't think about 'designy' stuff to post on here till ages later.

But here is a little something. I needed to design a NO FOOD sign for work (because asking marketing staff to design stuff is cheaper than outsourcing). Just something easy and simple I drew up on illustrator.
My work in progress. I had 2 ideas, 3 designs..

and my boss chose this one

It's weird that I say my boss chose it because she is in fact my friend, who was in the same position i am now when she got me the job (well due to connections it was easier for me to get an interview etc.). And now my lovely friend got promoted due to a company shuffle and is now my boss.

Anyway I think I will spent more time posting here this year since I am now in charge of my work blog (also a blogger). So may this be the beginning of a relatively blog-filled year!

- julie

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