January 2, 2010

the year of twenty ten

Well a HAPPY NEW  YEAR to everyone out there! Hope everyone made the most of 2009 and entered the new decade with a bang (literally with all the fireworks around). I found out that about six different houses in my neighbourhood own fireworks despite it being illegal. Although it makes celebrating at home much more enjoyable, so does going through 100 sparklers in half an hour while taking come pretty epic light painting photos. Such as these...

Yeah.. it was fun even though we didn't make that second sparkler bomb. This is one we prepared the night before...

It looked much more epic if you were there, pictures just don't do it justice but you get the point.

Anyway after a good long sleep we awoke to begin preparations for the family new year's celebrations being hosted at our place. So everyone came for a late lunch, the kids in the living room and the oldies in the family room up the front of the house. The playing of Raving Rabbids and Guitar Hero on Wii was in order as well as the old family favourite of mahjong! We had two games set up, one with the kids and another one with the gambling, seasoned players. I taught two of my little cousins to play too; ages 8 and 7. And so the tradition continues as the skills get passed down through the generations. My 7 year old cousin won 3 times in a row yesterday, that's more than me and she is less than half my age! She's going to be a pro when she gets older.

The little ones having a go at the Raving Rabbids game on Wii, it's such a funny game to play!

Yeah, we couldn't find a table so we played mahjong on the floor.

I don't think I won this game, my tiles kind of sucked.

And of course the boys could be found playing computer games.

This is my little cousin Jaxon. He is HILARIOUS because he can't pronounce all his words properly but he talks so much. This boy really makes me laugh.

And this is a VERY yummy homemade mango ice cream cake made by one of my Dad's cousins. It was SO good and we ate it all in like 5 minutes. 

The aftermath (although there is still one piece left, it didn't last long).

And that, my friends was my new years day. I was meant to blog this yesterday but got caught but by stuff...? Yeah, my cousin made a post instead of me, my first guest blogger, it was quite exciting. She is now sitting next to me on my brothers laptop making her new blog! How exciting, maybe any of you readers of mine can go check it out when she's done and when I know what the URL for it is. Then I can link you! Here is a link!

Now we are off down the road to my cousins house for more food and mahjong! Ciao!