January 16, 2010

looking through the viewfinder

Quite literally. A few days ago I figured out that I can take pictures through the viewfinder on my Diana Mini. It's like a little taste of what what I see when I take photos with it. It's so much fun to take photos with might I add. Not to mention it looks fairly cool too. Unfortunately it's a little harder to take these pictures because you have to hold both cameras still and have to make sure the lens of the digital camera is not pointing at a weird angle so the square window of the viewfinder is in the centre of the shot. Also have to zoom in a bit so that you see less of the 'tunnel' of the viewfinder and the image is bigger. Here are some examples:

Without zooming in...

Just a tad wonky

The knitted toy I bought at Forster


My guitar and Sheriff Woody!

Playing mahjong


So they look alright yes? It's a quick and easy way to get the Lomo style photograph without having to buy a specialised lens for an DSLR which I don't own YET.

Also on another note I should update on some other stuff that's been going on. But later, the Kooyong men's singles final is on right now.


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