January 6, 2010

Seven days

That can't be right! I had a 36 exposure film last me a week. I don't know how that happened but at this rate, this photography project of mine may get a little too expensive for my liking. Okay it's not that expensive, I'm just a cheap Asian who is unemployed and has burned through their Christmas money too fast. I guess since it's still part of the festive season I guess I have had many occasions where I have taken lots of pictures. Such as the Uni Info Day yesterday. I took so many pictures in the city at the unis, especially USYD because it's such a pretty uni despite the fact we weren't there very long and I don't actually want to go there.

I think a contributing factor to my film being used up so quickly is the fact that I am now aware how many double exposures I take from not being careful when winding the film before each photo. Even though I do like the effect it has on some of the photos, I do like the photos which came out properly. Also it is more convenient for my photography project so I can choose just one shot as opposed to a picture with a collection of shots all layered together - makes it easier to pick one picture from each day.

Also why is it only when I don't bring my spare roll of film with me that I get to the end of my film?! I was out at the shops and had to go buy a roll even though I have two at home. I just didn't want to walk around without film in my camera, just in case I missed a photo op. But oh well, it was only a 24 exp. as opposed to the usual 36 exp. that I get. It was also a cheaper brand and after some calculations 50c more expensive. Yeah... Oh well I know never to leave home without my camera and a spare roll of film now. I have learnt my lesson.

And I don't think there is anything else I have to say.. Oh wait! I know, just a note about Uni offers being tomorrow. I don't know what to do with my preferences. I might read up more on some of the courses I am applying in case I need to do any last minute rearrangements.

Well wish me luck! Till next time.


  1. Good luck.... and why not get a digital camera or a SLR

  2. Last minute rearranging is hard but good luck with it ! :)