January 3, 2010

triple & quadruple exposures.

Well I got my first roll of film from my Diana Mini developed last week and I must say I am fairly pleased with how all the pictures turned out. About a quarter of them turned out properly and the rest of them were either really dark (under exposed) or the images were all overlapping (double exposures - though in my case there were some triple and even quadruple exposures). Luckily the effect of all the layering looks cool on most of them. From the 36 pictures I got printed, only about 10 or so turned out really crap (the really dark ones). Well I scanned all the photos to my computer a few days ago and am FINALLY going to post some up.

So here are a few of my favourite photos from this roll (note: I took half frame photos on my camera so it comes out with 2 shots on the one photo).

These are just some of my practice shots from when I was still getting used to taking pictures with my Diana, I don't know what that black rectangle is...

Pictures from formal![edit: added Gail & dave]

The rock pool at Forster! See overlapping...

And again. I really like the picture on the very left. 

One Mile Beach. LOL

And the really cute dog we met at the beach!

Yeah so there are some of the shots from my first roll of film. I got my second one developed but they decided not to print any coz they SUCK! And they said that it was all double exposed, I guess they didn't want to cut up the photos so I will have to go back and ask them to print them for me and instruct them on where exactly to print. I may scan the negatives though and see if I can play around with them on photoshop or something. I should get a film scanner no idea how much they are though. Any idea?

ALSO I started my photography project!! Project Three hundred and sixty-five Photographs is under way as of new years! Wish me luck! I just hope not all my pictures get all double exposed again.

Also before I get my film scanner I want to get my DSLR first (Canon 450D). And then maybe later on get a film SLR, although I haven't really researched film SLRs so I don't know which one I want yet. Any recommendations?

Anyway my siblings and cousins are waiting for me so we can set off another sparkler bomb in our backyard. Photo-op for my Diana and hopefully someone can get a few on a digital camera so I can upload some picks sooner.

So yeah I'm off for some homemade sparkler goodness.

P.S. I finished the first mission of COD4 on the computer the other day. It's quite the achievement for me. Just thought I would let you know. LOL

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  1. This post has Ben's seal of approval! Haha. Excellent P.S.-ing there.

    Also the dog on the beach is ultra-coolio. Thumbs up. :)