January 16, 2010

backtrack #1

An update as promised. Well not really promised but I said I would...

SO here we go...

I really don't know what to go on about. I know I shall just goon with some of my draft posts from earlier this year!

This story is back from when my cousins were still here in Sydney. My two cousins, my sister and I were all out post-Christmas shopping. My cousin and I, the oldest of us four were the main ones shopping. The younger two were getting bored and decided to go off somewhere else while we were clothes shopping. We met up at JB Hi-Fi where I was looking at the DSLR camera's they had and taking note of what they had for sale and some prices. Then my sister came along and the following conversation erupted, no edits, no cutting.

*Gabbie looks into Julie's shopping bag.
Gabbie: Where did you go?
Julie: Diva.
Gabbie: Did you buy anything?
Julie: Yes.
Gabbie: What did you buy?
Julie: Earrings.
Gabbie: Were they the owl ones?
Julie: Yes.
Gabbie: Are they better than the other ones?
Julie: Yes.
Gabbie: Can I see them?
Julie: No.
*Gabbie notices Julie writing on her hand.
Gabbie: What's that?
Julie: A pen.
Gabbie: Where did you get it from?
Julie: My bag.
Gabbie: Why did you bring it?
Julie: 'Cos I can can.
*Julie takes out water bottle from bag
Gabbie: Did you bring water?
Julie: Yes.
Gabbie: Can I have some?
Julie: No.
Dannica: Gabbie, you ask a lot of questions. 
Gabbie: Really?
Julie: *Glass Shattering*

 Note: the "glass shattering" is a How I Met Your Mother reference

So my sister asks a LOT of questions. One after the other, it feels like you are being interrogated, terribly annoying. And so at that point in the middle of JB we proposed a challenge for my sister to last 2 hours without asking a question.

When your main form of conversation is in asking questions you tend to talk less. this was the case of my sister. She didn't even last a minute. Though we did have MANY restarts, changed the time limit to one hour and still she was having troubles. One instant was when were were going to go to a higher level. We restarted the time just before stepping onto the escalator and when we got to the top, just as we hopped off we hear "Where are we going?". FAIL! Hahaha.

In the end she did get to the end. After about four hours and a reduced time limit. My sister has never been so quiet! It was bliss on my part. Although after her challenge was over my sister's questioning went into overdrive. VERY annoying, luckily she's just gone back to her regular questioning levels which I suppose is bearable, at times...

That is all for this story, tune in next time for more Adventures of a jellyfish! Haha.


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