January 23, 2010

Ugliest Tower in Sydney

 A new place to call home?...

Yes, alas on Wednesday university offers were out! And I am pleased to say that I am now a student of the ugliest tower in Sydney - UTS and quite proud of it! Despite its main building being a giant jenga block tower of an eyesore (it's not exactly a designer building), I do quite love UTS. I have pumped myself up about going there for more that half a year. I have even come to love the big ugly brown building. I admit it is still ugly but it's an icon. I think it's kind of cool. Besides the main floors in that building have all been renovated, it's what's on the inside that counts!

Although extremely excited about going to my dream uni, I am however disappointed that I DEFINITLY won't be studying my number one course preference this year. That's right, no VisComm for me. Instead I will be doing a Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design. Not my second, not even my third preference. No my friends, this was my SIXTH preference. HOORAH!

To be honest I'm just stoked to be going to uni, I really was starting to worry that I wouldn't get anywhere. But now that I have made it into UTS I am awfully excited to start the semester even checked my possible timetable already - it looks fairly good mind you. My actual enrollment day isn't till February 10th, and then orientation is on the 19th and O-Week from the 22nd. And then my first day of uni is on the 1st of March! How exciting. I'm excited!

Well from my group of friends of about twenty people, only two are going to UTS. Yep, me and Geraldine. How lonely. We aren't even in the same faculty or building. Oh well about 1/3 of the group are just down the road at USyd anyhows and my list of PHS kids going UTS seems to be steadily growing. AND I get to make new friends! Especially because I know NOBODY doing my course. But hey thats just part of the fun at uni!

Well I should end this here. Goodnight peeps! I'm going PAINTBALL tomorrow!



  1. You can always pop by Usyd and have lunch with me :)

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