January 9, 2010

Planner planning...

"Sounds like a plan" - Pat 

Well today I purchased a 42 piece wooden 'antique' alphabet & number boxed stamp set off Etsy (pictured below)! I have actually been looking at buying a set like this for maybe half a year but only got me brother to buy it for me (using his paypal - I did pay him back, or will pay him back) today. They were about $30 USD so maybe somewhere between $32 - 35 AUD. Yes it seems like a lot but stamps are surprisingly quite expensive.

I am eagerly awaiting its arrival, only 2-3 business days for it to ship.  I am sure this stamp set will come in handy for my future crafting endeavours. One particular project I have been thinking about working on is making my planner for this year. A project which I was meant to do earlier, like before this year started but you know me, the master procrastinator, haha. So now I am planning my planner! Things like size, layout etc. It'a all very exciting, for me anyway. Hopefully I can finish before NEXT month. It will get me back into my bookbinding craze, I've just been so lazy lately.

Planning in my sketchbook, a common occurrence.

Well I think I should bring this post to a close, I'm a little sleepy and I need to rest. Going to the city tomorrow! Glebe markets, San Churros and Sydney Festival seems to me a great combination, not to mention great people! 

Fare the well my friends.

p.s. I want to try out this tutorial from Creature Comforts, it looks cute and seems easy to do.
[edit: I don't get why everything is double spaced] All fixed!

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  1. I've seen that stamp set before! Aww I'm so jealous!