July 12, 2009


I actually did something productive today. Although it isn't school related (sadly - I should study), it's for the party!

I cut up lots of little triangles for the bunting. Fifty-five triangles in total, plus scraps. It took me a few hours but at least it's done. The amount of triangles I have now is enough to make a little less than 14m of bunting. When I add the orange triangles it should be enough for about 17m. I still need orange fabric though!! I can't finish without it. I think 17m should be enough. It will definitely be more than enough to circle my room when i put it up after the party.

Here are some crapy quality photos of the making of my bunting triangles, taken with my phone .

Just ignore the fact that I'm working on the floor of my room. And how the carpet seems to change colour. I tried to photoshop the pictures so they looked better as an attempt to disguise the crappiness of the picture quality. Note the middle picture on the left, I accidentally cut the fabric wrong! There is meant to be two short thin strips not one short and one long. I was quite annoyed because it was a waste of fabric. Although it turns out that 1m of each colour is more than enough. Would have got away with just half a metre but at least I have some new fabric to add to my stash (pictured below).
My fabric & felt stash - it's smaller than it looks.
Anyway, moving on.
I still don't know what to get Lynneal for her birthday! She's so difficult to think of what to get/make (although I don't have much time to make anything). Might just make a very nice looking IOU card. Hahaha. Also need to figure out another friends present. Why so many birthdays?!?
Okay this post is taking WAY too long so I shall just finish up there.