July 12, 2009

One week

My blog is one week old as of yesterday! ONLY one week! Feels like alot longer. Probably because I have written so much. Hahaha. Yesterday was somewhat empty, even though I made two posts.


There is SO much to be done for the party! I am going to attempt at making a start at the bunting today! Stayed up very late yesterday planning stuff with Rachel. I think the menu has FINALLY been finalised, due for maybe a bit of tweeking but it should be all set by the end of the week. I also need to get my costume sorted still! I need to get fabric for my skirt/tutu (still dont know which yet) and I need to find those vertical stripe tights! AH!

And I keep browsing through craft blogs too. So much inpirational stuff!! I want to make stuff now. I might today and if i do i shall post a pic of it up which will be crap quality coz it will be taken with my phone camera.

ALSO I don't know what to get Lynneal for her birthday. It's on Tuesday and I have no idea what to get her. Or maybe make for her. Who knows.

Well I shall leave this as a short post. I have things to do! Might upload some pictures from my phone later..

* j

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