July 5, 2009

Future addiction?

Well I am now officially part of the Blogging world! Previously just an outside observer, I have since been persuaded by a friend to start a blog (it didn't take much convincing, boredom makes you jump at opportunities to amuse yourself).

Alas here I am.

A bright, fresh blogging noobie! (although the bright bit is questionable)

Hopefully I shall be able to keep this up to date. If not, oh well. If so, it could be due to the fact that I am addicted or am in some sort of procrastination frenzy. With the holidays coming up I assume that boredom and staying in from the cold may have a say in my future activeness as a blogger.

But what will I post?

Anything? Thoughts. Things I find amusing. English hate rants (I foresee this to be a common occurance, at least till after the HSC if I can keep this blog going that long). A day in the life of moi. Some of my little crafty things should I make something new.

The list is long and varied. I'll stick with the first thing i said, "Anything".

And as my first post comes to a close, I wish you goodnight (1:03am - why am I still awake!?) and farewell for now.

*theallmigthyjellyfish - me!


  1. the all _migthy_ jellyfish.. lols

  2. Who convinced you to blog?

  3. That would be the lovely Geraldine. Conversation went a little like this:
    Me: I'm bored
    G: Get a blog!
    Me: Okay
    Hahaha... yeah