July 8, 2009


You would think that by now I would know the design for my DT major. Unfortunately NOT. Although having reconfigured the measurements and dimentions about five or six times over the past two (or three) months, I could probably be excused for a small mix up.

But no.

I went and spent an extra $10 on some material I DIDN'T need because I got the dimentions wrong. $10 may not sound like much but for a major which requires me to spend almost $500 on materials alone, any saving is a good saving.

You could probably tell me that I should have checked the measurements before I left for Bunnings on Monday night. Well, I was in a hurry to leave home and just brought my DT book, which should have had the measurements in them.


I took my new book, which is nearly empty instead of my old book, which was packed with crap to do with my major. Why? I don't know. I would have thought that I would have coppied it in by now (which I should do actually before I have another mix up). It would seem I thought wrong and just assumed the measurements.

It was a fairly close assumption might I add. Unfortunately it wasn't close enough. I was out by 7cm on one side. Might not sound like much but it is a difference that made me buy the next size up in standard plywood sheets. I even went home to breeze through my new book to find that I have been using those incorrect measurements since I transferred to working in that book.

Because that new sheet of ply was quite big (1200 x 900 x 7mm) and I didn't need the whole thing, I cut it at home so it was a more comfortable size to have on the train to take to school. With the wrong measurements in mind I cut it bigger than I needed to and therefore wasting some of that plywood (why did it have to be so expensive!?).

I am QUITE annoyed. A few games of bejeweled has helped though I must admit. They reset the scores and I'm coming first at the moment. I'm sure I won't be for long but being first for a while is better than nothing!

[about two hours later... (my first place bejeweled score gone) ]

My father decided to use the computer in the middle of writing this entry. It would seem that my previous rage (not much of a rage though) has disappeared and I have lost my ability to rant farther on the topic. I was going to ramble on some more about somt other things concerning this little mix up but the urge to do so has gone. And I have forgotten what it is I was going to continue ranting about.

Anyway, I have some recalculations to do, which I really can't be bothered but must. I checked my book and it seems that I have been using the wrong measurements for the past month. Oh well. It doesn't really effect what I've done, which is good.

I will stop now.



  1. I felt free. So I'm posting a comment. (Ha)
    If only DT was just a bird. (Ha x2)

  2. Hahaha! there was a baby/bird reference in one of my previous posts.. LOL