July 20, 2009

Sawdust in my boots

Well today I went to school because I'm a nerd and I miss it SO much. NOT! Today begins the week of ACTUALLY doing school work.

I rocked up late to school this morning. Drinking Up and Go and discovering a big cardboard mountain on the way with my flamingo friend Shuang. With the help of Santa, we organised a way in which we could get some of the cardboard to school where it would magically transform itself into a major work! It would seem we weren't the only ones missing school. We got there to find the bio and the sac kids there. I think it should be like that all the time. The whole school just for year 12.

But anyway we got to school and as soon as we were in, we were in the car and off to collect some cardboard from Santa. We went and climbed the mountain. The best bits were at the top. It was a hard treck, a few cardboard avalanches and a few falls but we managed to dig out the good bits. Somehow we retrieved too much to fit in the car so we had to leave some of our findings with Santa for collection later. Back at school we unloaded the cardboard, left a message in the dirt and was back to Santa for the rest.

When we were back we headed to McDonalds for some late breakfast. I wanted hotcakes, but I missed breakfast by 20 minutes! It sucked, I was looking forward to it too. So instead I got an apple pie and large fries to share. After all that we begin our work! Haha.

So I finished cutting out my plywood templates! With a chip sandwich lunch break in between and some pi eating elephants. The Pi was Inside the Elephants! Haha. Yeah. I used 3 new power tools too today. I got sawdust all over my clothes. Even when I put an apron on I found it all over my pants and even INSIDE MY BOOTS! It was fun though. All carefully documented using the camera on Shuang's phone.

Well that was my day. It was productive and fun. And like always there was the birth of a new in joke! Good times.

I need to sleep soon. Big day tomorrow!

* j

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