July 6, 2009

Days of cold

I woke up late today. Could be because I slept late yesterday, rather really early this morning. Tried to stay up to watch the Wimbledon finals. Found myself falling asleep by only the second set. I thought it would be nicer to wake up in a warm bed rather than a cold couch, I decided to just go to bed.

This is taking me quite a while to write this. I started at around 5 when I got home after school. then I didn't know what to write. Had dinner. Went to Bunnings! Bought some plywood (ply is expensive, I hate that) for my DT major. I also got HEAPS of paint swatches from the paint section. Try a 2cm thick pile. Hahahaa. Came home. And now I keep getting distracted by music and MSN.

What else can I write about?! Oh, a particular someone beat my bejeweled score on facebook. Damn you! I can't be stuffed to get a better score. My internet is capped for the next 10 days and scores resent tomorrow anyway. A short-lived victory. Haha. Stupid brother had to stream the WHOLE Everybody Hates Chris series.

Anyway, I should sleep early tonight (exactly what I told myself yesterday...).

Just some notes about school:
Bloody english needs another text! BUT has been moved to next term (thank goodness!!). My DT major is SOO behind schedule and is going to be quite EXPENSIVE. Chem has been mover to next term for sure, and I need to perform in music on Wednesday first period (what a crap time to sing, first thing on a cold winter morning).

The up and coming holidays:
Seems to be VERY busy. First week isn't too busy, but i shall be coming into school quite a few times in the second week for music and dt. Then I need to study for chem and prepare english (GAY). There's Lionel's awesome birthday breakfast! And formal invite making too. A music outing and the reversal of garbage! So much to cram into two weeks.

Anyway, I shall now finish up. It's taken way too long to type up this one post.



  1. Dorahrah:
    :) hey julie! interesting blog and partially because im bored...and am clicking any link msn throws in my face!

    gluck for the 2 suPAH weeks!