July 15, 2009

Response to gail on stamps

Well this is an extened comment/response to Gail's post about stamps

I shall repeat in saying. They're all so cute!! I want some! Like, NOW! But I'm cheap.

Also don't really see the point of 'making your own stamps' if they give you the designs (regardless of how adorable they are). If I was 'making my own stamps' (no idea about the inverted commas on that one) that would involve designing it myself and the making. But then that would be design your own stamps aye. Haha. Oh well, thats just me.

When I finally start getting an income (hahaha, work...) I will invest in my craft and stamps are SO on the list. OR I can wait till my birthday money comes and I shall splurge. Family party IS this weekend so hopefully i can get some shopping done...? Maybe half of my birthday money will be spent and the rest into SAVINGS

And I'm starting to move off topic so I shall end here

* j

Edit: Why won't it let me put spaces in between paragraphs again?!?!

Reedit: Are the spaces back?

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