July 7, 2009


That will be me after HSC. I swear I just can't stop eating these days. AND I keep buying food!

It's like this; eat lunch at recess, eat the rest of my food by lunch, starve on the train, get off the train, buy food and eat it while I wait for the bus and when I get home I eat some more. Today I bought an iced donut and then came home to find that my dad had brought home some Hungry Jacks. Naturally, I couldn't let that food go to waste, so now I sit here on my butt eating fast food. How lovely.

There's a sheet of plywood in my garage that needs to be cut, which I told myself I would cut today so that I could bring it to school tomorrow. But it's still sitting there. I will cut it... later. I need to bring it to school tomorrow though so it WILL happen today.

I have hiccups.

I'm looking at some sites I found in Dora's Frankie magazine which I took note of. After following some links I came across a site which sells things that people have made by hand. http://www.madeit.com.au/ I was looking at all the plushies and I am inspired to make some in the holidays! I already have designs for some which just never got around to production. Hopefully I will make one this holidays. Some other things I want to try and make too.

Geez, too many things to do this holidays. I will be ever so busy busy BUSY. Although in theory I will be busy, I'm sure I won't end up doing half of what I plan to do. Damn procrastination!
"Hard work pays off in the long run, procrastination pays off now"
What a great quote. However true, procrastination is detrimental to my HSC. And I'm aiming for over 90 UAI (screw ATAR it's stupid). If not I'll be sad and I may have to do VisComm at UWS, which I don't want to do. UTS FTW! Ah... I can't wait till uni but I will miss high school terribly. Well the people and the abuse of our senior rights. I need to find somewhere where I can have access to a BADGE MAKER. Those things are TOO fun.

Yay for birds and babies! Or better yet baby birds!! Hahaha...

ANYWAY, I have things to do and procrastination to get out of the way (of which this post is part of).




  1. hahahahaha "i have hiccups" btw julie you have alot of badges already

  2. if YOU think i have alot of badges then i guess i have HEAPS!! hahaah. its fun designing stuff to go on badges though..
    and the hiccups have since disappeared!