July 9, 2009

aww cuteness

I came across this site for an online magazine called papier mache whilst looking up a how-to for a tutu to give to a friend who wants a tutu as part of her costume for my dress-up party. It's SO cute! It's for kids and it's so cool and QUIRKY. It has really cool drawing and collages and clothes, which I wish I had as a kid or even now.

Also came across this tutorial for these cute bunny hat and paw mittens, which I want to try out this holidays. Might alter the design of the hat a bit so its more like a beanie. Maybe one with ear flaps too. And i need to fix the mitten pattern so that my hands can fit inside (designed for little children). Might try a different colour and different ears. Thinking black cat (mainly because I have some black felt already and cat ears are smaller - less felt, I'm SO stingy). But I will just go buy white felt tomorrow when I go fabric shopping at one of the frabric stores down High Street during my free tomorrow. My planned fabric shopping trip was meant to be for today but I got caught up at school. No big. So I will just got buy all my fabric tomorrow to buy the white felt and maybe some other colours on impulse. Haha.

My main reason to go fabric shopping is to buy the fabric I will use to make the flags for my bunting. All different colours; red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple! And also in different patterns like spots, stripes, stars, gingham and some plain (coz it's cheaper - but also depends what colours I can get). Not sure how much i need to buy, the bunting I'm making is going to be about 20m long. I will be using one of the spools (?) of ribbon bought at Rooty Hill intended for intives, made a terrible estimation on how much ribbon was actually on it and found one spool was about 20m when I unwinded one to measure its length. So I will just buy a metre of each to add up to 6m in total, whatever doesnt get used I can just add to my fabric scrap to make something out of some other time. Hopefully it won't cost too much. If it's more than $15 than I shall reconsider the felt.

So I will be making the bunting on the holidays as well as my own costume! Still need to figure out exactly what I want. Needs to be soon too so I can go buy (more) fabric and make it. I only really need to make my skirt/tutu, not sure which yet. The tutu will be cheaper and easier to make, the skirt will be more work, more expensive but should look cooler if I can pull it off (in terms of getting it made). I also already have a yellow tutu. Ah decisions! I should figure this out by next week so that I have time to make whatever it is I plan on making. I also need to make spats! I think I may have a change of footwear at the party. I will be wearing my black heels with the spats or my black boots (for when we are playing games). I don't know yet. Even if I don't end up wearing the heals/spats, I still want to make those spatsm which would involve buying more fabric! I'm buying too much fabric, or maybe I just have too many projects for the holidays. And crafting always leads to mess, I have enough mess in my room as it is.

Anyway stupid MSN is screwing up again! It's so annoying. Actually my whole computer is just lagging ever so slightly. My internet is also capped and is going slow (but fasted than first expected). Everything is slow. And everyone is sick. Okay not everyone and not at the same time. People are having rounds of sickness. Like when you sing Row, row, row your boat where one person starts and after the first phrase someone else starts and so on. I had my round of sickness last week. Some people have been away this week, like my Dad and my baby cousin. I guess it's the weather. And the flu. Swine flu for about 99% of flu cases in Victoria.

Well it is the last day of term 2 tomorrow. Naturally I will be going to school. No point in jigging, I have a good day. I have work that NEEDS to be done in DT, no bludging tomorrow! And it's more convenient going to the fabric store if I'm coming from school. But THANK GOODNESS it's the last day. I need a holiday where I can finally let myself sleep in on those cold winter mornings when all I can see outside my window is white from the morning fog. Just me under my warm sheets and blankets in a sweet dream, which I probably won't remember when I wake. No more waiting for the weather forecast to determine if I'll be wearing my skirt or pants to school. A time when I can sit down and eat a proper breakfast and finish my hot mug of milo. No more walking to the bus stop, watching my breath escape my warm lungs into the cold air, which leaves me shivering while I wait for it to arive. A short period of a fortnight in which I will not even be able to experience this bliss everyday due to a busy schedule. Only to return to be tested and assessed and the fast approaching trails overshadowed by the HSC.

Well I should be off to bed soon. I don't want to stay up and end up running late on the last day of school. Although I have been late quite alot lately.

Yes I WILL stop now.


I'm still yet to mention that I want to go to SPAIN! It was on Getaway earlier and I WANT TO GO! After uni! Or during, if i can do VisComm and International studies! ALSO I want to learn the Thriller dance!! It is on my holiday to do list! I don't know how successfull I will be. If I fail miserably I shall just wait till September (*singing in my head* do you remember... - haha) when my cousins come up for a wedding and they can teach me then. But that is AGES away. I can't wait that long. So I'd better learn it!

Okay I will stop for sure now. I SWEAR!


*Edit: This is one EPICALLY long post. My bad. And it also won't let me put spaces in between my paragraphs. Maybe I wrote too much. Or my net is just being GAY!


  1. yeah cool post. i read like a tenth of it SO LONG.
    aye i want to go fabric shopping too
    epic headbands awaits!

  2. lol. its "epically long"
    you can come with on the fabric shopping if you wanted! but that means that you cant have a half day.

  3. That post is definitely epic.
    The links are so adorable!!! I want bunny ears :)
    You're making a bunting? There are so cute. There's some really quirky designs out there.