March 21, 2010

Photos at dusk

I have a NEW idea for a photography project to preoccupy me while I wait till i can restart my old project on my birthday (Lomo still needs fixing).

So pretty much my idea is called something along the lines of Photos at Dusk. Or something more poetic or less lame sounding.. Suggestions? But pretty much I have of late (yesterday and today, though there have been previous occasions prior) been taking pictures at dusk from my backyard because the sky always looks cool and colourful. 

SO what I plan to do is just do a compilation of photos taken at dusk, everyday. I don't know if I should post the photos up on a new blogger or tumblr blog. Probably tumblr but I don't know how that works with multiple blogs. But I do have one photo up from yesterday on my tumblr which I guess I will reblog into my new one. 

Each entry will just be dated and any comments I feel necessary to add.

Yeah, I wonder how long I can keep this up for...

That's all.


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