March 8, 2010

Hello Blake

Yes, I am yet again sitting in UTS Blake Library. HOORAH!

Anyway, what's with libraries having names? Like Fisher Library down at USyd or even Max Webber Library at Blacktown. Why didn't our high school library have a name? Is there a protocall for naming libraries? I really am curious (okay not THAT curious but curious enough to blog about it as to avoid doing my assignment - PROCRASTINATION!). I think Penrith High library should have a name other than just Penrith High School Library because that's just lame, well not so much lame but so ordinary sounding. Yeah I don't know...

It's funny looking around the library and seeing the amount of people around on the computers on facebook. It's not like a MASSIVE amount of people but enough for it to amuse me, seeing people not doing work (like me!).

I've also been browsing through MLIA again. Unfortunately I havent really seen many noteworthy post on it, it's disappointing. Maybe it.. okay I just flicked to another tab and back and now have no idea where I was going with that sentence. Well at least it is an interesting read, good to pass the time and just so you know today's average word is 'layout'.

And I can't be bothered typing more, maybe I should just do my assignment.


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  1. Hey sorry this is totes random but seeing as I'm going uni next year i was wondering which unis you might recommend? thnx~