March 25, 2010

the little whirlwinds of emotion i feel when thinking of you..


Feels like ages since I've blogged properly i.e. long essay of a post. I think last Tuesday, not last week but the week before was my last essay. Though I did have a bit of a rant post on the 13th. 

Anyway I am currently taking a break from my engineering drawing homework. I still need to draw in ALL the dimensions. I've been on break for what seems to be approaching an hour and a bit. But oh well, my blog needs updating. I am currently trying to decide if I should go grab a midnight snack right now. What's on the menu? Champorado! A sweet chocolate rice porridge, which I also had for breakfast. Okay just saying that made me want some! Haha. Choice made I guess, will grab some when I finish this post and eat it while finishing my homework.

Uni has been interesting thus far, week 4. I swear for some classes we NEVER do the same thing. Makes me not know what to think of it. Although I guess I like the variety. Except for when we get a surprise sketching assessment in workshop today worth 30%! Freaking hell. Had 3.5 hours to do all these conceptual perspective drawings. I swear I don't like drawing curvy things in perspective. Bloody organic forms are SO HARD!  Luckily everyone else we having trouble and because by the end of class no one had really finished properly, our awesome tutor Nick said we could hand it in next week! I was so happy when he told us. Sketching has never been so stressful and frustrating. EVER. And now I get to work on it AFTER my homework for tomorrow. AFTER my homework for Friday and AFTER I finish my assignment due on Monday which might I add is another 30%. So busy these days. Though could be because I spend TOO much time procrastinating on the computer..

*Okay I have a feeling I will be typing up this post for a bit longer and will go and get my champorado NOW.*

And now I am back with my food! And a little disappointed. The rice has kind of been all mushed and with the milk I added it is now at the consistency of paste, though a little lumpier. If you are one of those kids who used to eat the paste in primary school, you would probably love this. It's like chocolate flavoured paste! Though the texture is  little off it still taste fairly decent. 

Well continuing on with my post... OMG it's been 2 hours since I went on break. My work is waiting for me on my desk. I hope it doesn't feel like I've blown it off. Poor homework. Must be hard when the vast majority of people hate you, or at least dislike you. Having people put you off for facebook and blogging... Haha. 

Never cease to amaze myself with how random I am.

Also today in workshop while doing my work I realised just how much I talk to myself, and quite loudly at that. I think it is worse when I have to concentrate and am a little confused and stressed, as I was during tat assessment. Everyone else being quiet sure made it more obvious too. But oh well! Everyone seemed to react to it fine and I just warned them of me talking more with the deadline quickly approaching.

Yeah... I actually had heaps to blog about but I need to finish my homework. Maybe tomorrow I will blog again to help make up for my lack of essay posting.


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  1. howdy HAHA you have an essay due? sucks for you <:0