March 9, 2010

time must die!

Yeah, killing time in the library once again... bludging seems less fun now that the guilt of not doing my assignments is plaguing my conscience.

So now I am bored doing nothing and an empty space in my stomach seems to grow more and more evident as the minutes go by. I don't think I'm actually hungry-hungry, just bored-hungry. You know the feeling when you are bored and as a solution to you're boredom your body decides that you are 'hungry' and then you just eat to pass the time as opposed to just sitting around. So I think that's me right now, bored-hungry. Maybe, it is approaching what would be my usual afternoon snack time. That's a lie, I don't have a usual afternoon snack time, just continuous snacking on whatever I can find round the house. 

Now that I have established my bored-hungry state, I should point out the fact that I really shouldn't be bored at all. I now have a total of THREE assignments due and will probably be getting a new one tomorrow. Thing is with Industrial design, you don't have exams so you just do a lot of assignments what are worth a LOT. For example, I have a design critique assignment due next Tuesday worth 25%, I have another due two weeks from that which is worth 20% and another due on a Friday two weeks after that worth 50% of that class, though that 50% counting to about 30% of that course (you do the math, I can't). So I have much work to do but I am TOO lazy and NOT bothered even to work on the assignment due next week. I did earlier today spend FOUR hours in a tutorial just working on it (well we were supposed to be working in it). And now I'm kind of bored of that assignment. I need to do some sketches for it too but I have no paper to do so, really I'm just finding reasons not to do it.

Also today I kind of had lunch with Geraldine, her new friend Katherine was it? and Tee. I say 'kind of' because Geraldine and Katherine finished half an hour before me and already ate lunch and had a tutorial starting an hour after I finished so i just cought them just finishing and sat down to eat. And Tee finished the same time I finished and started eating with us but then we had to go because we wanted to check out a sale down at Cotton On downstairs so we left Tee by herself. So down to Cotton On we go. There was a 'EVERYTHING-is-only-FIVE-dollars sale! So I now have new clothes! A cardigan, 2 tops and a NEW scarf for $20. YAY for cheap clothing. Maybe I'll go back for more later in the week if the sale is still. And more on the scarf, I got a new one because my OTHER new one I got two weeks ago went MISSING! I think I've only worn it once too!! Which is SO crap! I don't even know where It would have gone. It made me sad, even though it was only $3 or $5, I don't quite remember. I might have lost it at uni during O-Week, I remember wearing it on O-Day when I enrolled. Either that or I wore it to my Landmark workday on the Saturday after and lost it somewhere there. But I'm still sad, I liked that scarf. I REALLY need to learn how to keep track of and take good care of my things. I have no idea how many other pieces of clothing I have lost, like other scarves (I seem to lose these heaps) and I remember losing a cardigan and I'm sure plenty more.

Well maybe I should take a break. Go walk on down to the tower and ask at the Student Help Desk where I might be able to stash a guitar. Maybe even talk to the Student Association about starting a club and things because there is NOTHING on their site which is of any use. For those not in the know, which should be a LOT of you blog reading people. That's right I'm talking to YOU. Anyway continuing.. I want to start a club/society where musicians such as myself can just meet up and jam with other musicians. As it stands the uni only has one music society I know of, MuscUTS (I think that's it.. can't be bothered researching it), which consists of a choir, orchestra and jazz band. This is all good if you like that sort of thing, organised meetings with a conductor in charge and not a great amount of say over the music. But for me I like sitting around with people and just jamming. Like we used to back at school in music. I REALLY miss my music class, favourite class ever! I think I am just trying to find the same sort of space here at uni where people can just get together and share music. It is quite fun. I don't even play my piano all that often anymore, or play my guitar or sing (I mean just at home by myself or whatever), it's weird and I miss it. Also Derek and I have been thinking about just jamming together, hence the asking-the-student-help-desk-where-I-can-stash-a-guitarness. We've already established Angus and Julia Stone to be on our repertoire. Now he is on board in helping me get this club thing going. I think it's exciting! We just need to meet and recruit more people. So anyone out there from UTS who play an instrument and want to jam with us, please let me know! Leave a comment! And if you know someone at UTS who plays and instrument and may want to jam with us, please let me know! Leave a comment! And if you are just interested with what we are planning and want to get involved, even if you don't, please let me know! Leave a comment!

I just realised that each paragraph in this post is longer than the last. A trend which I think will stop at this post. Yeah, just an observation. ALSO the guy sitting next to me on the computers was listening to John Mayer - Slow dancing in a Burning Room off youtube (I feel stalkerish). JOHN MAYER!! MAY 8!! I'M STILL SUPER PUMPED AND EXCITED!! I walked past the entertainment centre on my way to Landmark yesterday and got excited! Haha. I CAN'T WAIT! Maybe I should listen to some John Mayer myself, I have some of his music on my phone. And I think I will. *listening to Stop this Train*.

I thinkI've had a long enough break typing all this up. I should do something productive; work on an assignment, get some food, go ask where I can stash a guitar.. I think I should get a gym membership and spend my time exercising. OR I can just exercise by roaming round the city. That works, just take my phone and wallet and maybe my water and look around and find some cool places.

Yeah I think I should go, I've been sitting here at t he computer for.. *goes to check*  2 hours. This post also seems to be long enough. So I shall go and get outside.

Till the next time I need to kill heaps of time by myself,

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  1. that was very LONG LOL. but i read it all...
    and katherine is indeed her name.. LOL