March 3, 2010

becoming a common occurance

Well I am here once again in Blake Library (i.e. UTS Library), killing time and waiting for my brother to finish class. I think I will be blogging more these days, especially after finding that spending time on the net at the library is the best way to pass the time when you're by yourself. 

It is a bit of a walk from the main UTS building (including mine) but I guess that can be part of my daily exercise as well as climbing up 3 sets of stairs everyday to get to my classes (most of my classes) and at least 2 sets of stairs to get to my locker. So i shall be expecting to be getting fit this semester!

So yeah, I kind of don't know what to say now. Just blogging and on facebook and tumblr. The usual. I am planning and going up to find my textbook for tomorrow in the library because I don't have the money to buy one, yet. OR I can organise with SOMEONE in one of the other classes (preferably the one before me) if they want to lend me their textbook during my class and just give it back after. I don't know. I just don't want to buy a $100 textbook which I am only going to use for three and a half months! Also on a side note, because industrail design like most if not all design courses is practical based and doesn'e have exams, according to one of the instructors, design students get about half the year off in holidays! But this also means we get stressed more and sleep less than everyone else because our semesters are jam packed with assessments. Speaking of which I have my first in class assessment is NEXT WEEK! It's a little drawing task although there is a 50-50 chance that it won't be our class doing it but still! Thats so early in the semester.

And has anyone else realised (talking to new first years here) that at uni how much everyone promotes partying and drining and all that? Because seriously there is a lack of censoring of anything and I find it awfully refreshing. Some people do take the drinking and partying to heart and first week back to uni people are already hitting the bars and drinking a tad too much. For example yesterday afternoon no later than 5pm there are a bunch of kids in the Glasshouse (one of UTS's bars) all a little tipsy jumping around and singing at the top of thier lungs to whatever song was put on. Lots of shouting and cheering, quite a roudy bunch.

Oh and apparently Industrail Design and Architecture are somewhat enemies. Architecture is the 'dark side' as my tutor today pointed out a few times early this morning., there is a lot of "tension" between the two So to you architecture students... *cough* Shuang *cough* Chrishani. Well that's how it is at UTS anyway.

And I will stop now and go look for my textbook in the library before they're all gone!


  1. What shock! Enemies with in your uni, plus you have Usyd to contend with. What a friendly bunch you guys are :P

    My textbooks have totalled nearly $500 all up. What joy :(

    I might blog at uni too. I have no time at home to do it and heaps of alone time at uni. Good thinking!

  2. lol all introductory parties have complimentary alcohol