March 1, 2010

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OMG guess where I am?! I'm at UNI! Yep that's right I am currently on the computer in the UTS library typing away on blogger to kill some time before my Landmark seminar tonight at 7.

So.. First day of uni! And yeah a bit of an anticlimax I must say. Oh well. I did just have a one hour lecture and then had to fill out a pink sheet of paper and answer a question involving a graph, countries including Europe and the demographics of smokers. Yeah my fellow UTS people might know what I'm talking about.

Great weather for the first day of uni. Cloudy, overcast and with random showers stopping and starting at the most inconvenient times, namely when needing to walk out in the open. Can't belive I don't have an unbrella today, I normally have one in my bag. At least I have a jacket with a hoodie, also good for the cold, it's kind of chilly outside. Hopefully it won't be raining too much for the rest of the week. Actually you know what I'm going to check the bureau right now for tomorrow's forecast. *Checking*
Forecast for Tuesday  
A shower or two. Cloudy. Light to moderate east to southeast winds.
City: Min:  18 Max:  23
So it's raining tomorrow too. Great. I shall remember to bring an umbrella this time. Don't get me wrong I do like the rain. I just like it a little less when I have to walk around in it without any waterproof protection. Sitting in a class with damp jeans isn't too comfortable esp. when its warm inside. Also a downside to rain, here in the city you don't get that nice rain smell, or the rain on grass smell. Mostly because there is no grass around here (esp. round UTS since they're digging up our lawn!). No here in the city its just wet. Note of advice don't stand by the curb if you need to cross the road. Chances are that when something drives past, you will get wet!

Anyway, I'm a little bored. Time seems to fly a LOT faster when you are with other people. Right now I'm just blogging(obviously), on web messenger chatting to my brother (he has a day of fand is home), Tumblr and on Facebook.. Nothing too exciting. Though I must say that these keyboards are loud. So I feel ever so slightly awkward typing away on my blog. Feel so public and I am not accustomed to blogging with people around. Maybe something I will have to get used to, I have quite a few Landmark seminars and such after uni and I normally finish around 1pm so I will have heaps of time to kill. May get accustomed to blogging before my seminars, at least my blog will get updated somewhat regularly.

I'm hungry. Well not so much hungry, but I want to eat something. Just want to taste something in my mouth. And talking about it with my brother is actually making me a little hungry now. Want something savoury. I so should have brought one of those instant noodle cups today. They are just sitting on my desk and I didnt get to pack any lunch. Maybe drop buy Breadtop or Barby's on my way to Darling Harbour.

I don't know how much longer I can drag out this post. It's getting kind of long.. I wish I brought my data cable with me (was actually thinking about it yesterday) so that I can upload a picture of the library from my phone. I shall do that next time. I really was unprepared for today. Not so much for my classes, I had all my stuff for my classes, speaking of which I need a textbook for thursday. I should pack some lunch earlier for uni. Should find out where I can find a microwave too, so i can bring rice and leftovers from dinner and stuff.

And I think I shall stop there. I need to find some food, make a phone call, eat and get to landmark.

So farewell from the UTS library!

Edit: Here are some photos, or one.
 Sitting at the computer. Blogging. Diary out. For some reason I don't think that's my bottle..

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