May 17, 2010

The life and times of an Industrial Design student..

Firstly, OMG it's been so long since my last post! Well my last essay anyway, I guess i have just been 'busy'.

Well I have a whole new bunch of assignments for uni again. What do I need to do? Lots of STUFF! Like
  • watch people riding bikes, then interview people, then design stuff and write stuff about people cycling
  • design and make and interactive object/system thing for the home (group work!!)
  • some hair dryer/ drill design thing (I designed a bubble gun!)
  • cut up blocks of foam and styrofoam and stick them together and draw them
  • an ad for soy milk (any ideas?)
  • redesign the umbrella (wish me luck)
Yeah. I think it's ALL due in the last week of sem. I predict NO sleep.. But it's okay come Friday afternoon, the first installment of gigs at the Loft. By students, for students (and the general public who come in on Fridays). Not only that. I'm on holiday for SEVEN MONTHS!

But yeah uni isn't all bad assignments and crap. I'm actually loving uni right now! All the ID kids are so close these days even though we've only known each other THREE MONTHS, not even (though a few people might have known each other from high school but the vast majority, like myself came in knowing nobody. It would also seem our little Friday arvo/nights at the bar are increasing in the number of people attending which is all quite fun. Some people have brought friends who are also looking to become regulars. But Friday is bar night after class. I swear uni is going to turn me into an alco!

More on the gigs at the Loft, I shall be gigging!! Not only that I am kind of the one behind the whole thing.. so I NEED YOUR SUPPORT please. I need to find people from uni to perform. I need to break into the non-first year students. How? Not sure yet. I don't have that many connections. BUT if you know someone who is musical and wants a gig or wouldn't mind performing please let me know ASAP! I shall ask my brother.

Also we need money to stage the show! Any suggestions on who we can go for sponsorship? We only really need a couple hundred dollars for equipment rental and stuff. But stay tuned a Facebook event for it should be up an ready by the end of the week!

Yeah. So that's what I've been up to. OH I got my Canon 450D the other day!!! Sadly no lens yet but yeah. Also the lovely Lynneal has chosen me as the subject for her photography portrait assignment. Photoshoot shall be on Thursday, should be fun.

Also I'm following 57 blogs on my blogger.. I didn't realise till just then. It's quite a lot aye..?

That's all. Goodnight. I have work to do..


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