May 27, 2010

rain, rain, go away..

conveniently just as I'm about to go walking out and about the city with my a3 paper folder and bag which doesn't zip up. Please?

I otherwise quite like the rain. But it was POURING today! WAY to wet to be out. But lovely staying in and sleeping weather I must add for those who didn't have uni today. It rained so much that the Central tunnel was flooding! (that kind of sounded like it was meant to be a 'yo mama' joke) I would have taken a picture but I cbf taking my camera out after wrapping it up in my scarf and putting it in my bag to protect it from getting wet.

Anyway it has yet again been AGES since my last post! This is happening increasingly frequently (I don't think that makes complete sense but I'm sure you get my point.. right?) and I don't like that happening. Oh well I will just blame my 'busy' life of a gagillion assessments and my instinct to resist going home early for this. Hopefully things will pick up again when I go on holiday for 7 weeks.

I GOT MY LENS FOR MY SLR ON MONDAY! Funny story which I'm sure a few people have heard by now. 
I was just about to leave the house to go to uni but then the package arrived. I knew it was my lens and then I was struck by a dilemma. Do I go and catch my train? Or do I stay and open up the box? Not THAT big of a dilemma, looking back I took the obvious choice. STAY AND OPEN IT! And  must say that it was a good choice.
Sure I missed my train and the one after and ended up missing my lecture all together but I finally got to play with my Canon 450D SLR!
First picture I took with my lens... yeah I could have done better but meh

Also new photoblog! To go with my new camera! Here is a link: CHECK IT OUT! 

Tuesday was the biggest fail photo shoot meet up EVER. Spent the whole afternoon looking for yarn with these three monkeys;

From free lunch and custard puffs to laughing hysteria and a one sided food fight. Despite not doing what we set out to do it was quite the enjoyable afternoon. Walking from uni to Market city to China Town to World Square to Town Hall and QVB. Lots of exercise! Also had a Landmark seminar that evening and was taking pictures in the harbour to kill time.

Wednesday  was quite entertaining. I showed up to a 4 our tutorial late without my fold which had majority of my work in it. Walked to USyd where Pansy and Belle had an acoustic gig. Lionel left her phone at uni and was MIA but fortunately I saw lots of other PHS kiddies! Had lunch, packed lunch. Then a small trip to the graffiti tunnel and the quad with my personal tour guide and umbrella and folder case holding chauffeur, Plate Face. He really is too nice. Then the wind and rain decided to pick up just as I was headed back to central. My leather boots were soaked through at my toes! But was a good day, 250+ photos taken!

And that's a wrap of my week so far. Pretty good no? Anyway it's 3.30am and I have uni! So I should hit the sheets now.

Farewell blogger, let's hope I return in the VERY near future.


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