July 12, 2010

hello blogger

mozilla firefox i hate you. as if crash in the middle of writing this post and erasing everything.

Anyway its been ages since my last post. my last post wasnt even that long. I think facebook and tumblr take up too much of my time...

well i just got back from melbourne this morning. stayed there for a week to see my lovely cousins and stuff. it was a good week. watched karate kid and toy story 3!! both of which are good movies. toy story 3 is AMAZING tbh.

walked around the city for a few hours and bought some new shoes. went to the park and played some chadairy (i really dont know how that should be spelt but those who where there will know what I mean, not that any of them read this blog). oh and ate my fair share of margarita pizzas too

Did i mention that I got sick?! Stupid melbourne in winter. I swear I havent been this sick in YEARS!! i have a headache and i feel all stuffy inside. its not cool. good thing i only really got sick on my last night there but it meant the 11 hour bus ride home was HELL. All aching with a blocked nose... even have a cough now. I need some panadol.

Yeah now back in sydney. came home, watched the end of the soccer. GO SPAIN!! that octopus is amazing. then went to sleep in my bed. I missed my bed. switched my electric blanket on and then woke up sweating cos i forgot to turn it of but it was nice and comfy. and back on my computer. Havent been online for a while. facebook was missing me... haha oh well i guess i might be back to my days of being on every day. but you know

lots of catching up to do with my uni peeps and my school friends not to mention MY BIRTHDAY to finish organising! really just having people over to chill. invite list seams long but i hope it works out ok.

anyway i still have a headache and will end here.


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  1. I heard on the news that this winter has been our coldest in a long time. Just get lots of sleep, my cough is getting somewhat better.