December 27, 2009

sunday morning...

...rain is falling

No, not really but I do quite like that song. For those not in the know the song is Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 from their 'Songs About Jane' album, it's one of my all time favourite songs.

So it's Sunday and after sleeping in and missing church this morning I am now enjoying a late breakfast of French toast with cream and maple syrup (now that's that real stuff not the maple flavoured syrup, the fake stuff). Okay so I was enjoying some French toast, it is now getting cold on the kitchen bench  while I sit here typing up this post, oh what a dedicated blogger I am. In reality I just get distracted easily...

Now this morning while writing out this post in my brother's room on his laptop, I realised that my brother has a lot of nick names for me. Here is a list of them:
J dozzle
Fag doe
J doe
J dog
The newest is Jilly. Now he doesn't have phases with these nick names or anything, he just uses them all interchangeably depending on what he wants or the situation. I have no idea how he remembers them all.

I also noticed, even though this post is titled 'sunday morning' it was already afternoon when I started typing, go figure. I did get up around 10.30 after sleeping REALLY late reorganising and cleaning my room in preparation of my cousins coming and staying over our place for a while.


And about 8 hours after starting this post I am back to finish with no idea what I was going to go on with. I really should learn how to finish posts in one sitting. I'm not very good at it. It's normally the reason why I have a lot of draft posts because by the time I get back to it what I have written doesn't seem so relevant or what not.

Now I said I would post more on the things I have made for Christmas but I haven't made much else and all my pictures are on the other computer and still need photoshopping so I will have to post them up later. I can however post a few pictures from my recent Christmas celebrations (as soon as I can relocate the memory card from my camera).

Christmas eve:

After all most of the presents were opened.

All crowded around one of those I Spy type books, but easier and for kids, funny how it's mostly the older folk crowded around.

Christmas day:

Helped my cousin make some of the Lego car sets that he got for Christmas. I miss Lego. I want some for Christmas!!

Waiting for MORE presents on Christmas day.

And that was my Christmas in four pictures. Not a very good representation of what actually happened but it's good enough for now.

Also I found something new that I want to get! The Diana F+ Delux Pack!!

It is valued at $550 on the Lomography site but I found it on Ebay for ONLY $255! That's a BARGAIN! But I don't know if I'm going to get it yet because I still want that Canon 450D SLR and don't want to spend all my money. What do you, my lovely readers think I should do? Well there are only 6 left on Ebay so I need to decide fairly soon.

Speaking of Lomos and Diana, I NEED MORE FILM!! Especially because I am going to be starting my photography project VERY SOON!! OMG NEW YEAR IS HERE!! Yeah, I have one roll of film developed but my stupid brother didn't pick it up after work on Christmas eve and I haven't been to the shops so I STILL don't have it, maybe tomorrow. But I think I should stock up and get at least 3 more rolls, which should be enough to last me a little while. But fingers crossed for my project Three hundred and sixty-five six (leap year) photographs. (Who ever told me it was a leap year next year can go die... not really but I was stupid enough to believe you, that's right YOU)  

Anyway I think I have rambled a sufficient amount to make up for the past few post-less days. Shall be back with more photos and hopefully some scans of developed photographs from my Diana Mini.

Till I can find the time to post again,

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