December 21, 2009

i blog on paper..?

Yes apparently I do. I found a piece of paper with writing intended for a blog post. I guess I really wanted to post something but wasn't at the computer at the time so I wrote it on paper instead. Ans now I shall type it up as I had originally intended.
i DON'T love...
being in a bad mood.
Whether it be angry, annoyed, depressed or simply wallowing in self-pity, being in a bad mood is counter productive, effects sleeping patterns and overall just sucks. 
I personally think that being angry or annoyed is the worst. Once I'm pissed off  there isn't much I can do about it except wait it out till I've cooled off.
Being depressed is just... well sad really. Although it's great that I can get cheered up.
I'm tired and writing this post has helped me calm down so now I shall sleep.
And that was all that was written. I think this was from before formal when I was stressing out about getting everything I need to do finished in time and then my parents were giving me a hard time about something and yeah... blogging seems to be my way of venting.

Anywho I will be posting more later...


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