December 8, 2009

Okay I lie...

In my previous post I said that I would post more on schoolies and my wonderful week at Forster. The truth of the matter is that I really have lost my motivation to post things these days. And as a result of this laziness and procrastination I have even lost some of the excitement from schoolies, although I still think our stay at Forster was the best week of my life.

Anyway on with my lack of posting, I realised how many times I would go and make a post but never really get around to finishing one, which would explain my long list of "draft" posts. I have about 15 from last month and the month before. I really should learn to finish them off.

Anyway that is all I have time to blab on about right now. In the mean time I shall be off to the pools because it is SO hot these days and because I need the exercise and because my friends and I can finally properly try out the beach volleyball net at the pools.

Till I have more time and something more substantial to blog about,


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