December 16, 2009

It makes me sad

The results for the Higher School Certificate were released today and recent high school graduates all over NSW went and checked the all important numbers two years in the making. I have to say I had high hopes, I am a somewhat high achiever with high standards to match. This is all good and well but when you don't get as high as you hoped,don't achieve as high as you could have and didn't perform to meet standard the result can be overwhelming.

That right there is my life story to date. I didn't get as high as I would have hoped. I didn't achieve as high as I know I cold have and I didn't perform to meet my standards or expectations. And as a result of this a few tears were shed, hopes and dreams drifted farther out of grasp and an a lingering feeling of sadness and disappointment set in.

Don't get me wrong, I didn't do badly by any means. My marks just weren't quite up to scratch with what I was hoping for. And so I sit here thinking I need an alternate career path, well really just some other course options seeing as what I want to get into doesn't seem possible right now. So uncertainty lies ahead and this is a little scary. Tomorrow our ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank - if I'm wrong please correct me) comes out. From this I can really sort through my uni preferences properly. At least my HSC marks are a bit of an indicator of what to expect for that.

Anyway in the mean time I shall be listening to some music to try and soften my mood seeing as bejeweled doesn't want to load on facebook. I should probably eat something but unlike other people I tend to not eat when emotionally distressed. And also hoping that I will be allowed out to the drive-ins tonight for a movie or two to cheer me up and to keep my mind of my not to impressive results.

Till next time when I'm in a better mood,


  1. Don't worry Julie! My results were pretty average as well, I'm not sure about my preferences now either.
    You can do it!

  2. Thanks Gail. I am feeling better already. I'm already thinking about interior design as an alternate course. :)

  3. D:
    im sure ull find awesome and fun stuff ud love to do with whatever decent mark you will get. :D
    dont worry because the hsc isnt the only way to approach ur career path

  4. OMG julie if u do interior design .. i'll contract u to do my house (if and when i buy one).

    yeah that prob doesn't help.
    seriously i reckon you'll do fine and get into the course you want one way or the other. i've never doubted u and i don't think anyone has, so don't doubt urself.

    and yeah what ed says is true, you can get into what you want different pathways - it may take a little longer or more effort, but i reckon jst go for it.

    and im sure u will =)

    best of luck!!!1! (had to put the 1 there)