December 22, 2009

i love...

My Life Is Average is one of the best things since sliced bread. SERIOUSLY it is such a feel good thing. Best cure to a bad mood. You just read and feel happy, get amused and for me more often than not my faith in humanity rises a little. For example;
The other day, I realized that you can select "walking" as a mode of transportation when finding directions on Google Maps. I got walking directions from Detroit to Hawaii, and once I got to California, the directions said "Kayak across the Pacific Ocean for 2273 miles". I love Google.
Today I was taking notes in my theology class and I named the powerpoint I was working on “humanity” because that’s what we were studying. I forgot I named it that, and later when I tried to close it, it asked me if I wanted to save the changes I had made to humanity. I said yes. I felt empowered. MLIA
It should be My Life Is AWESOME because it really is. And now I shall go back and read some more MLIA.


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  1. Today, I noticed that on all of my college's directional signs, they abriviated the Winter Fun Terrace building to the WTF building. I know I chose the right college.MLIA