December 22, 2009

Closed curtains

Now this is very random but I just wanted to share with you a small section of the inside of my room. Really just wanted to show my window because I decorated it and it's fun. :)

See, open by day... (look its my big totoro toy sitting on my bed in the corner)

and closed by night!

I keep all my small stuffed toys on my window sill. As well as the bamboo favours we got from Minna's 18th, the frame Ama gave me for my 18th, my big stack of free postcards (only temporary) and two gnomes which I use to keep my curtains open - one from my birthday and the other from Smiggle, which I got for $1.

My curtains are from the same material I made a bag out of earlier this year. The colourful bunting I made for my 18th, the yellow fringing was scabbed from school, the red pompom trim from a Reverse Garbage trip with Shuang and and little picture garland from the owl shop in FORSTER!

And there you have it folks, my window! How exciting, I have such a nice view of the side of our neighbours house!

That is all.


P.S. I will post pictures of the other cards I made after I finish photoshopping  them!


  1. i came to see which MLIA you put up from yesterday/this morning.
    and instead, i saw my frame! hahah.

    - ama :)

  2. the bamboo plant really added that extra spark to ur window :P