December 31, 2009

an eve to end a decade

Well its about an hour till the new year and you can tell by the fact that I'm blogging that my New Year's eve is filled with festivities! I'm stuck at home with my parents, sister and two younger cousins from Melbourne. We aren't up to much. I'm also still stuck on a new year's resolution too. I do have my photography project to look forward and my L's to get before I start uni. I should start writing out a 2010 to do list.

Anyway I did actually go out to the city today with my two cousins. It was fairly fun. Lots of walking - from Town Hall to Market City to Central. Didn't buy that much. most my shopping was done on Monday. But I did buy some stuff. We also went to Capitol for sticker photos!

I got a new hat, it's felted! Also a new POCKET WATCH! A picture memo book from Morning Glory and my Capitol pictures.

My cousin and I chose one of the cheaper machines. Half the photos were fail but oh so hilarious.

I have to say a BIG thank you to EVERYONE who has been reading my blog! Good to know I can reach people with my random ramblings about my ever so insignificant life. THANK YOU to ALL my wonderful friends! My girls, the guys, the kazoo kids, my lovely music family, class buddies and everyone else I love to smile and say "Hi" to. Penrith High School class of 2009 I LOVE YOU and will miss you all dearly! Don't worry I will see you guys again! And to everyone else who has made this year GREAT and oh so enjoyable through the ups and the downs, you know who you are!

Well I will post some of the pictures I got developed from my LOMO. But not now, next year! Haha

Laters and I shall be seeing you all next year! Last blog post of 2009 complete!!

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