December 12, 2009


Well I am actually being a little bit productive today. Currently working on the cards my mother asked for, commissioned work thank goodness! It's taking SO long though and I'm making a big mess out of the computer table and the kitchen bench.

My computer desk. Look it's my blog! *pointing at monitor* And look my DIANA Mini!

The kitchen bench and my big pile of coloured paper and scraps.

Little cut out shapes for the cards. No I did not cut them out individually with scissors, I used one of those hole punchers.

The original design plan. The end result is practically the same but you get the idea.

My workspace on the kitchen bench while gluing it all together.

Cards drying on the side. Gluing 20 little pieces of paper into a circle is very time consuming work. But it looks good so I don't mind. I think the quickest I finished one card was in 15 minutes...

Of course I had to fit  my little jellyfish in there somewhere and a little "handcrafted" note on the back, I'm branding.

And the finished product! :D

So I've made 6 cards and a lot of mess, won't cleaning be fun! But that's not all I did today. Visited my primary school because my sister was getting a "Gold Award" or something and my mum told my brother and I to go so that we could take pictures and picker her up from school. Also went to the shops after and I checked how much it would be to develop my film from my LOMO! It's about $8 at Big W so it is quite affordable, but I have no money right now. I just finished watching a whole bunch of videos from Forster, it's all so hilarious! I really do miss that place, it was so much fun.

Anyway I should clean up a bit of my mess now so that I don't sleep too late and end up being REALLY tired tomorrow. Got a big day ahead. Ice skating in the morning then a party in the evening! Should be heaps fun and I am looking forward to it. BUT I have no money and will have to go to the parents for some, hope they're feeling generous tomorrow morning!



  1. alvin the jellyfisherDecember 14, 2009 at 1:03 AM

    i was going to post.. how do you find the time..
    then i thought... lol.. posthsc life right there

  2. hey jules, I wonder where you got that creative talent from ;) XOXOX Ate Klaire