December 10, 2009

It's beginning...

to look a lot like Christmas!

Yep, tis the season to be jolly. Our Christmas tree is up, the decorations are out, my dad has been avoiding to put the lights up on the house... And so begins the present hunt! Luckily for me I plan to make gifts;
1. because I like to make things &
2. because I'm cheap!

This just poses a few problems.
Firstly I like to have a big clean work space when I start out which normally means I work on our huge dining table (not to mention the kitchen is only a few meters away). But seeing as I will be making a lot, it may take a while to finish all my stuff, which is just a nuisance to the rest of the family who might want to use the table for eating maybe. I normally have to pack it all up at dinner time and then take it all out again after. It gets very annoying. It also means I can't work too late into the night as the dinning room is near my parent's room and they are relatively light sleepers. But I like working late, no one is there to bother me and I can concentrate better. My solution to the location of my workshop is usually my room.

BUT my room is a disaster zone right now. I have things EVERYWHERE and since I am planning on reorganizing I need to take everything out to sort. BUT I don't have enough space in my room for this so I still need to work out how it's going to work, not to mention rearranging all the furniture (excluding my bed seeing as the odd shape of my room means I can only really position my bed one way if I want to put anything else in there). To sum it all up my room is not a safe and plausible working environment.

Thirdly, because my room is in such a mess all my crafting tools and materials are either scattered buried under things. I need to locate and retrieve all of these belongings (I thought of english, damn) so I can see everything I have to work with. I also need to sort and organise my craft things too instead of just having it all in random boxes.

Also I'm feeling kind of lazy these days. For example I should have finished cleaning my room AGES ago, I really should go and do something about that. But even for other things, I'm meant to be making some cards for my mum to give out to her work clients. I haven't finished yet and she wanted some for this week. I am going to the shops later to go buy some new paper for me to use though.

And lastly, I have no idea what I am going to make. I haven't sewn anything since before HSC and I've been doing quite a bit of paper crafts lately. So I will have to decide on that and if I will be making individual gifts or just a similar set of the same thing to give to everyone. Ah this is too much thinking right now...

And so goes my Christmas dilemma. Anyway I should just go surf the net and look through all the blogs I follow for some inspiration, there are a whole bunch of other things I want to try out too. So much to do, so little time...

Well that shall be all for now, my first long blog post in a while. Hope you enjoy reading my ramblings, I hope to be back with more later!



  1. i say u commit one day of cleaning because it's something u NEED to do, ie as u said, find all ur stuff + if u clean it well enough you'll have the space, i guess?

    and to make things easier for u, i think the same thing for everyone is already a heeps good present, as u the effort u put in is a present itself. Just save the extra individual ideas for birthdays or something.

    as for the type of present...idno lol that's ur expertise :P

    well that's m advice hehe

    i've been looking at so many ppls blogs now! it' lol

  2. My church put up a Christmas tree this Sunday. I tried to help out by decorating it with some red tinsel, then was promptly told that I had no taste by a bunch of girls who subsequently decided to cover the accursedly scratchy plastic tree with all manner of tacky crap :(

    So is my taste in tree decorations really that bad, or are the girls hypocrites?