December 19, 2009


Anyone heard of Owl City? It's Adam Young's one man 'electronica-pop' band. Not normally my cup of tea (not that I drink tea other than Easy Way and iced tea) but I do like his stuff. Fireflies is one of his new songs (at least I think so, to me it's new) and I have to say it is one of my favourite songs at the moment. It has rekindled my liking for Owl City again, really even just the name is cool. Check out his site!

And OH MY GOSH Owl City is coming to SYDNEY in March! Best part is that he'll be performing a UNSW! YAY there are perks to (most probably) getting into my second choice uni (although still hoping that I make it). He'll be coming round with Cobra Starship so that should be some fun.

ALSO check out Kina Grannis' cover of Fireflies. I LOVE it! I think half the reason why I'm loving Fireflies so much right now is because her cover is awesome. Kina is an singer-songwriter who has been spreading her stuff through youtube. She is VERY good and has a new album is coming out next year. Unfortunately she's in the states and doubt she'll be coming down here any time soon but fingers are crossed. Visit her site!

Now I would post up the video of her cover here but I'm not entirely sure how to do that yet, so if someone wants to teach me please do!
Edit: Here's the vid of Kina's cover.

Thanks Gail for helping me out!

Anyway my room is NOT going to tidy itself so I shall go do that.

See you later alligator(s)!

P.S. I'm posting from my brother's laptop in my room! He is in Queensland and I have been taking advantage of his laptop because he left it at home. Hehe...


  1. This song was cool and is 3rd on itunes. I hate the cover by Kina though....but that's just me.

  2. mm i shall listen to it soon :D
    gail often uploads vids so ask her (Y)
    and WHOO UNSW :D