September 2, 2013

Culinary Exploration: Strawberry Shortcake

So, thought I might start a monthly/weekly(?) Cooking thing. Gee I'm great at English.

Anyway, I like to bake and it's something I don't do often. Would also like to cook a bit more too so now I hope to try and get my self in the kitchen as often as possible and post it up online. Take some WIP photos and the end result (because I just like taking photos of food :)

ANYWAY! Last week I decided to bake Strawberry Shortcake, the recipe of which I found on the Sorted Food (these guys are awesome, follow them on Youtube!) website.

I was hoping to make some easy mini quiches but my mum didn't buy the puff pastry I requested the day before so I couldn't. I also couldn't be bothered walking down to the shops to buy some. SO I thought I would bake something else.

Mum just bought two big punnets of strawberries and wanted to use them somehow and decided on this shortbread recipe as it seemed quick and easy.

I didn't have enough butter so I just halved the recipe.

Cute little heart-shaped tin from DAISO! Only $2.80 #winning.

and into the oven

 it took FOREVER to cool down


Yay for fresh strawberries!

Also made a little cupcake sized one with the left over dough and packaged it all up for my boyfriend because I'm awesome.

Also made some choc chip cookies and some brownies for my friends fundraiser. The guys from my Industrial Design course who are graduating this year are trying to raise some money so they can put on their end of year design exhibition and had a stall at my university's open day on Saturday. Unfortunately I totally forgot to take proper photos. This is all I got.

 Hope you enjoyed the post. If there are any recipes you want me to try let me know.

Till next time,


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