September 9, 2013

DIY must try: Himmeli

So I do a lot of surfing the net and saving images and bookmarking pages and pinning things. So here are some things that I want to try out now, some time in the future (or possibly not get around to doing however unfortunate).

First up.


Himmeli is a Finish tradition where they hang intricate, hand-made, straw mobile over the dining table to promote a good harvest. These traditionally geometric mobiles can look quite modern and geometric and have been recreated by designers for general decorative purposes. Here are some examples below (which I just pulled of Google Images). 

A traditional himmeli made from straw.

A collection of mobiles and ornaments by Melissa of AMradio. You can by her things from her Etsy shop Hrŭskaa.

One of my favourite things by Melissa are her brass himmeli mobiles like these awesome hanging planters.

A himmeli pendant light by designer Paul Loeback.

I stumbled across these beautiful mobiles after watching a tutorial on how to make on the KIN Comminity youtube channel. You can watch the tutorial below.

It looks so easy to do, I just want to make some to decorate my room and to make for Christmas. Bring a little of Scandinavia into my house (I miss Sweden). If any of you internet people try this out let me know and show me!

Till next time,


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