September 25, 2013

Producitvity of late (Finally!)


I've been a bit naughty and havent posted anything for more than a week! Makes me feel bad. What makes me feel worse is that I've had this post in my drafts for almost the past month and FINALLY getting around to posting it.

So here it is, my first long awaited productivity update! What have I been up to in the past few weeks? Lots! Lots of making and designing and crafting and sewing. Some stuff for myself and other things in preparation for Parramatta Lanes. Seeing as this is my first Productivity update I'm still figuring out how to write it out I think this will mostly be photos and little blurbs about the photos sort of segment.

Firstly things that I have been making for the Parra Lanes Festival. 

So like I have mentioned in THIS previous post, I will be having a stall at the up and coming Parramatta Lanes Festival! So very excited but also a little freaked as it's my first time selling my things. But I'm sure it will be a good learning experience. Here are some things I have planned for the markets. Your opinions and feedback would be most helpful.

Things that will be for sale include these little hand-bound notebooks.

Also these cute repurposed jars. Sustainability is big these days.

Drafting some possible packaging ideas for the markets.

Designed myself a logo for my 'brand' for the markets. I think it might be too cute but that's fine. just want something to put on a little business/contact cards. Thoughts?

Then some other personal projects.

And of course not studying this semester has given me some time to work on some other side projects for myself and my friends. It's nice to just be able to go and make something cos I can.

Made a batch of tiramisu the other week and packaged it up to give to my boyfriend as a treat for work.

Hand painted watercolour card for a Very Hungry Caterpillar themed 1st birthday. Got into water colour during an Illustration elective I did at uni 2 years ago. Brings me back to my childhood.

Present package: Made coordinating bag, wrap and card for a baby shower.

BUNTING! Some of my friends call me the Bunting Queen. Made about 4.7m of bunting for my friend Ben.

And packaged it up nicely for him. Did I mention I liked packaging?

Also designed, inked and framed this typographic birthday message for my friend Keni

That's all the recent stuff that I could find on my SD card. I thought I might put up some of my intern work on another post before this one gets too long.

If any of you internet people would be kind enough, I'd love some feedback on my stuff. Especially on things for the markets. Do you have any suggestions on what else I can make. ALSO Christmas is approaching and wanted to make somethings for the holiday season, Anyone got suggestions? Most helpful!

I know I am slowly easing my way back to blogging and not quite at the readership as I used to be but hoping to have some reader interaction would be very encouraging for me, so if you could be so kind. Also what are your thoughts on social media for The Jolly Cottage? I am hoping to get a Facebook page happening. Will maybe sort that out this week.

Gee I ask a lot of questions, my apologies. Anyway I hope you enjoyed seeing what I've been up to. Hopefully won't be too long before I post my next Productivity post, then I can show you what I do for work!

Till next time,