August 28, 2013

I'm BACK! ~ update & announcement ~

And here to stay, at least for a while.

Hi blogger and the internet at large!

Haven't been here in a while. How have you been? What have I been up to since my random blog post over new years you ask?! LOTS!

But before I go into all that, I SWEAR, this time I really will keep blogging!! It's taken some time but I am finally living up to my New Years Resolutions.

  1. Focusing on my crafts
  2. Get back into blogging
So it has been a slow start to say the least. But I am FINALLY here to take my resolutions seriously, also things have started going in that direction with little nudging from me throughout the year.

But right now I actually have time to myself, at home to craft and to BLOG! 

So *drum roll for my announcement* from now on expect me to blog at LEAST once a week! If not more. Internet you have to keep me to this otherwise I might fall through.. and we don't want that.

Not only will this mean I will be back and documenting my work, making sure that I have something new to post up every week but also get's my work out there and hopefully, just maybe, at the end of this crazy adventure I can live off crafting and selling my wares.

I also hope to do a catch up series of all my travels and what I have been up to this year to get the internet back up to scratch of where I'm at. Next post will probably go more into detail of what I am actually up to these days but until then stay tuned!

- Julie

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