November 12, 2009

raindrops & lightening

It's raining outside, how wonderful. The cool air and lightening in the distance. I can ever so slightly smell it over the smell of my dinner, which is making my mouth water. And the sounds of James Taylor in the background. How very peaceful and relaxing.

I also finally decided to change my desktop again today from the periodic table seeing as chem was last week and I don't really need to know that stuff anymore. I changed it once and then again just then but I don't know which one to use. So here are my options.

Both are by Raindrop Memory, the same lady who designed the icons I blogged about a little while back. You people, yes you, the people who manage to find time to read about my insignificant life, need to help me choose which I should have as my new desktop. Because if not I will be changing it back and forth  and rearranging the icons every hour or so.

Anyway I should get back to some of the formal stuff I am in charge of doing. That and eat some dinner.

Till I get bothered to blog again,


  1. top.
    i like simplicity for my wallpapers. :)

  2. I agree with Ed. Go for the top.
    BTW- Remember my locker key tomorrow !!

  3. Yea, go for the top. The lady at the bottom with the umbrella is obnoxious somehow. Anyway have a nice day everyone.

  4. aww i liked the bottom
    but don't mind me..i'm like 3 weeks late...

    nehoo..i really wnted to comment that i've decided to favourite ur blog :D

    it'll add to my things to do in our 4-month holiday..hehe

    so keep me posted ok julie! ^^