November 6, 2009

i have the need...

the need for speed. NOT. Haha as if

But I just thought that I needed to blog bout something. I swear blogging is how I procrastinate, hence the increase in blog entries over my pre and mid HSC. Now it's over I don't seem to be blogging as much. Even if I'm actually going out and having things to blog about. I don't feel like making a post. It's weird.

This weekend there will be NO studying. In fact I will be getting out! Jess' debut tomorrow where Minna, Gail, Dom, Dave and I will be performing Learn to Fly for her by the Foo Fighters. And on Sunday I will be off to NEWTOWN FESTIVAL. I'm excited and for good reason. Should be awesome!

Anyway  shall leave with a picture of my desk/wall in my room where I was studying chemistry last weekend. Note "industrial chemistry" written on the page in the bottom left. And the WICKED poster! Best musical ever! I wouldn't mind watching it again so if anyone wants to go watch it let me know. And I picked some daisies from outside and put them on my table.

1 comment:

  1. industrial was shit.
    i will never forget K= products/reactants
    anymore.cant believe i got that wrong ==