November 11, 2009


It's official. I will be the proud owner of a Lomo Diana Mini in less than 10 days! OMG I am SO excited!!

I told my brother to go and buy it off ebay for me half joking, and he actually bought it! But it's good. Got the camera and 2 rolls of film for about $75 with free postage! Now I just hope that I get it before schoolies so I can go and play around with it then so that I have the hang of how to work it for my film photography project come new year! Hopefully I will learn to use the film sparingly as Ben has told me. But GOSH I just can't wait!!

Well that shall be my awesome news for now. I swear I have gotten SO lazy in regards to posting.



  1. lol depending on what film you need. i could steal a few from my dad. altho he WILL notice and WILL annhilate me if he found out lol. he has shitloads in the fridge ==
    dno if they are all the same or something. ><

    well have fun with it lolz. u gna use a scanner for the film or go to a photography shop to get them printed? u might need to invest in a decent ($150+) scanner for scanning the film if you want to edit and stuff. since apparently film is a lot better than digital ><

  2. I don't think you will have to steal any film for me eddy. it just uses regular 35mm film which is fairly accessible although being a cheap asian is another thing.. haha

    And I think I will just get them developed and printed at a shop although I may scan the film just so that i have some sort of digital copy of them. although i could just scan the photos to...

    Meh, I will figure it out.

  3. if you bought it from hong kong, there is a chance it might be dodgy

  4. then u got ripped off.
    it wont be dodgy. but knowing koreans, they said "free postage" and added like $50 to the normal item lol...
    ah well as long as ur happy lolz